This project is about branding a food festival called cheat day. It is trying to show that having cheat days is supposed to be a fun and exciting thing rather than a guilty action.

Therefore, the branding is experimental and fun with the use of color and iconography. With every piece, this festival branding aims to invite more people to fun activities that involve a bunch of food! 




Brand Identity

Print Collatoral






While brainstorming for this event, I had two goals;  making it food related, and making it fun. Started off with the Burger Festival idea, and ended up with cheat food festival that also includes burger icons.  A lot of time was spent in planning the whole event and the elements I needed for the design like; what does brochure include? what are the events? what kinds of food are there? any speakers? what is the schedule? where is the event? and many more.



What is more fun than a colorful wall? This event had to be advertised in tiled posters that are mixed with a poster with fun phrases that are related to cheat days, and another poster with the date and a hint of contents of the event. The large poster is a mix of the tiled posters with more information about the schedule. 


The brochure is designed like a menu in order to keep the feel of getting food. The contents include the schedule, checklist game, the map, information about the event, the speakers and the smaller events and games.



Tickets are color corrected to the color of the days from the brochure to make the event a whole. As for swag, the food packaging is branded. What a better item to have branded in a food event than the food packaging itself! The boxes are left brown and organic to keep the simplicity of the clipboard for the brochure while also including a hint of color and the pattern made by all the icons.